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Welcome to PPACTE

PPACTE (Pricing Policies and control of Tobacco in Europe) is a collaborative 3 year project being funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).

This project will provide the most comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of tobacco pricing policy to date, which will be available and applicable to each Member State in the EU.

The FP7 structure has allowed TFRI to bring together a multidisciplinary team with some of the best health economists, epidemiologists, public health specialists and tobacco control policy experts under its leadership. The partners are: TFRI (Coordinator), Ireland, IARC, France, THL, Finland, IRFMN, Italy, IUATLD, France, UoB, UK, ICO, Spain and HBSA, USA.

The consortium involved in this project leverages the best people from around the world in one team to address a hugely important topic. An additional benefit to Ireland is that the project will increase funding for high level jobs here in tobacco control and thus build research capacity in this important area.

PPACTE will look at the impact of price and taxes on the effect of fiscal policy and tobacco control in Europe and offer recommendations to Member States (MS) and to the European Commission. PPACTE will provide an understanding of how to use pricing policies for the effective and equitable control of tobacco in Europe, which is imperative for addressing the disease burden caused by tobacco use. However, it is complicated by the diversity between MS in terms of their stage in the tobacco epidemic and their level of Tobacco Control development as well as their current economic, cultural, and political environment.

PPACTE Project results were launched in Brussels on Thursday 26th April 2012 and the event was Hosted by the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the European Union.  The PPACTE  Consortium which included international economists and tobacco control experts called for a radical increase in the taxation of all tobacco products as the most effective way to make them inaccessible to European consumers.

They also recommended a full alignment of tax rates, taxing roll-your-own tobacco at the same rate as manufactured cigarettes because the recession has led many smokers to switch to the cheaper product. The co-ordinator of the consortium that ran the study, Professor Luke Clancy, said EU governments should "double the minimum monetary tax level on cigarettes". He said they should then increase it each year above the cost of living rate.

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The PPACTE project has been partially funded under the European Commission's Framework 7 (FP7) Programme.